Press Release

Camps Bay


I am driving along Kloofnek Road and as I leave the city behind I see Camps Bay sprawled out in front of me – it’s beautiful! I start to get that holiday feeling!  I pass through and stop at one of the last houses before the stretch to Llundudno.  You can barely see the house because it sits back against a wall of rock, but you get the feeling it’s hiding something spectacular!

I park and ring the doorbell. The door opens and there is Katia.  Her welcoming smile envelopes you and you feel right at home.  She ushers me in and we walk through the house towards the patio.  The house has a beach feel to it, soft tones of blues and grey, calico and stone with flashes of white.  It’s peaceful and spacious yet practical.  There are no signs of extravagance or flash here.  Come to think of it the house is the image of its owner – calm, graceful and serene.  I was told to go interview an extremely successful business woman and so I expected a lot of flash and attitude, but what I got was a humble girl.  I must have been staring because she asked if she had something on her nose and I explained what I was thinking and she just laughed and said – “What you see is what you get.”

So we made ourselves comfortable on the generous couches that dotted the patio. The sun glittered off the pool and the scent of flowers was heavenly.  It was such a gorgeous day and the view of the sea was distractingly beautiful.

“So how did you do it?” I asked her. She smiled and said, “With the help of a truly inspiring man and his fabulous wife I reinvented myself and changed the course of my life.”

“Please explain”

It all started with me doing the same things over and over and expecting a different and successful result. Thankfully I came across a post offering a course called the Masterkey Master Mind Alliance.  So not really knowing much about it I joined. The course taught me to change my habits and way of thinking.  I was suddenly free.  Anything I thought about I could do, anything I wanted I received.  It was magical.

My business soon started to thrive and by the end of December 2016 I began earning a whopping R50 000 per month. I helped many people and made their lives better and that was a huge gift for me.

I also started balancing my home life with my working life. Instead of allowing the two to merge I separated them and made time for my family and time for my business.  This helped cement my relationships with my husband and daughters.

It was like a ripple effect, no sooner did I stop worrying about my business and my family, then I started to feel better and as a result I lost a bit of weight so I am happy to say that by the end of June 2016 I weighed 80kg!! This was a huge deal for me and I continue to strive for a healthier existence.

Now that my business was running smoothly I was able to study further and become a teacher and I have been teaching since June 2017.

And by teaching myself new habits I was able to eventually land here in this beautiful home right by the beach where it feels that the sun is always shining on me.