Week 22 – Master Key Mastermind Alliance

From a young age we were taught not to acknowledge ourselves.  I don’t think it was done in a bad way, but it was there nevertheless.  We were an extremely religious family and  we were meant to be humble and not draw attention to ourselves – I think it ties in with not encouraging Vanity and Egoism – the Devil’s work so to speak.  So I can honestly say I would never have been called the Fabulous Katia!

Thinking about it I think the result is that I have never recognised anything I did.  If I did do something well, that was okay, but I was never really good enough.  And although my Epiphany in my last post still stands, in my heart of hearts I still don’t think I’m good enough.  There are so many reasons why, that they seem to be so much stronger and make so much more sense than is possible.

I’m still falling behind with my MKMMA course, with my reads and sits, with my blogs, plus my work is not moving at all  and there is a lot that I’m not handling in my life at the moment, all of this is building and building plus the stuff I tucked away into very neat tiny boxes that are opening and opening because I decided that this course would be good for me….. What was I thinking???


I think I should have a time-out, but at the same time how convenient!!  Am I playing the victim A-GAIN??



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  1. dominica8 says:

    I think you really ARE moving and evolving, in spite of what you may think. Having followed you from the beginning, I truly see and sense quite a shift. Love it! PERSIST, dear Katia, you can do this, proof: you already ARE doing it 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Dominica. 😙


  2. Not drawing attention to ourself is something I know quite well too, although my parents were not religious. I have experienced that going out of our comfort zone regularly in this area helps to progressively overcome the resistance of the old blueprint…After all, it is the only one which suffer from this conditioning, and we are NOT IT, we are this powerful spiritual being which IS good enough AND has strictly no need to draw the attention of others to exist and to shine. Thank you for your honnest sharing, you ARE fabulous, Katia.


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