Week 17A & 18 – Masterkey Master Mind Alliance

I have a confession to make.  I have been playing catch-up for the last two months!  I had very important reasons why I couldn’t read, why I missed some webinars, why so many other things were more important than me carrying on with my routine.

What I find fascinating is that my outlook hasn’t changed – yes I’m stupid for missing the webinars and my reads and having to play catch-up, BUT whereas before ‘I am therefore useless!! and I deserve to suffer!’ – NOW thinking that way didn’t even enter my head.  I am still calm and my outlook on life is still positive.  How bizarre!  The old me would have been sooo low for having messed around.  I would have beaten myself up for days.  The guilt would have been overwhelming etc…..  But I realise I’ll get this!  I will finish one step at a time.  I want to live in the positive not the negative.  I don’t want to have problems, I want to have challenges.

I attend monthly networking meetings which have now started again (being the new year) and the first one was yesterday.  It was a bit weird seeing all these ladies.  It was like seeing them for the first time.  I realised that most of them had their own businesses and then I thought of the 4 tiny habits.  They must have had a Definite Major Purpose, a Positive Mental Attitude, a Plan of Action and a Master Mind Alliance in order for them to be running their own business.  How fascinating and a huge amount of respect goes to them.  These meetings are like mini Master Minding sessions.  We all start the morning off a little differently from each other.  Some of us slink in and hope no one will notice, others charge in ready for the day, others walk in just being; and then it builds.  We start to notice, to meet, to chat, to smile, to laugh, to understand until it finishes and we’re on such a high that the room is bursting with a powerful energy that sustains us and carries us through a months worth of life until the next meeting where we start again.  How awesome is that, kind of like noticing that you’ve created a new habit without realising it and you’ve been doing it for the last two months!!

This is the Masterkey Master Alliance Course and this is what it gives me – positive energy!  Thanks to you Mark and Davene and staff.




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  1. Thanks for sharing, Katia 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dominica8 says:

    waw 🙂 GREAT 🙂 seems like you’re launched!!! 🙂


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