Week 14 – Master Key Mastermind Alliance


It’s a new year – 2016!!  Are you all ready for it?  Are your ducks in a row?

Well, I have to admit – mine aren’t.  I feel like I’ve dropped a stack of papers and I’m anxiously scrambling around trying to pick them all up!

Dropped Papers

It takes me hours to write my posts.  It starts off with me thinking for hours on what I’m going to say.  Then I eventually get to the computer and sit and read my fellow MKMMA members posts and I get lost in them because they are so interesting.

I learnt about how to envision myself as ‘my hero’ in 10 years time, about how to discipline myself to do all my readings and sit first thing, before letting myself get distracted by the computer.  About how God’s teachings are all around us and apply to many things.  Also, how we all fall a bit then get up again.

I’ve realised through this course how much negativity lives in my world and sometimes it’s easier to just give in and wallow in despair rather than fight it and it reminds me of Og Mandino’s  words where he says “I will avoid despair, but if this disease of the mind should infect me then I will work on in despair.  I will toil and I will endure.”  This is the light shining through my mind.  It means that it’s okay, I’ll still make it.

Light shining down




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  1. dominica8 says:

    looks like you definitely ARE on your way, such great observations, and honesty! Happy Applyings!

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  2. You are doing great! Appreciate yourself for seeing all of the details in the cement.


    1. Happy New Year! All the very best.


  3. Beautiful picture & well said

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  4. Luc says:

    I love your images to express your current reality, you are very honest and that’s a strength! A suggestion comes through my mind: what if you eat the ducks which are not aligned, that would leave you only with those which already are and make your life easier…well, if you are a vegetarian, forget my suggestion and please, accept my apologizes 🙂

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